To be gone for periods of time that could be from 5 minutes to 5 days.
Auto response from CDM99: BrB.
by Noodle June 2, 2004
An Acronym for "be right back," according to Netiquette should be used for an absence less than or equal to ten minutes, if the allotted is above that then bbiab should be used instead if you're not logging off, otherwise use bbl
(1:55:41 PM) randgirl323: brb.
(1:55:59 PM) randguy213: mkk
(2:05:34 PM) randguy213: so much for brb =\
(2:05:43 PM) randgirl323: oh, sorry :
by neverkn0wsb357 January 10, 2009
1.A shortened version to signify the message "Be Right Back."
2.A lame excuse to find out lamer acronyms for brb...
1. "Brb... " "Oh... okay"
2. "Burning Random Butterflies" "Oh... What the fuck?!"
by Alfonso G July 9, 2004
stands for 'be right back'. honestly, it is never taken literally, it could mean being gone for ANY amount of time, from a minute to an hour..
<nicoleleow> i'm gonna search it out.
<clauwee>wait, NO, WAIT, WHAT
<nicoleleow leaves the chatroom>
<clauwee>AHH no FRICKK
<nicoleleow joins the chatroom>
<nicoleleow leaves the chatroom>

<clauwee leaves the chatroom>
1 hr later
<nicoleleow> HEY I FOUND THE ANSWER ITS...
<nicoleleow> C? U THERE???
<nicoleleow> but i only took a while..
<nicoleleow leaves the chatroom>
by conline April 4, 2017
The word (aka abbreviation) is the abbreviation for 'Be right back'
Also with other Abbreviation's such as Gtg, lol, lmao and so on.
'so what's up?''oh hey, sorry i'll brb' 'alright no problem'
by Kk.Katie.Sans.Koala November 9, 2017
Acronym for "be right back." Usually used as an easy way to dip out of lame places or conversations. It has been confirmed that this phrase has been used by popular figures such as Bob Marley, Jesus, and Amelia Earhart.
Amelia Earhart:
*Hops in plane*
*Flies into waiting horizon, never to be seen again"
by Gobblejosh January 13, 2011