Blackout Makeout

The act of making out while blacked out, as a result of extreme intoxication. Usually only remembered by the BoMo-er's less inebriated friends and/or documented by photograph.

Ashley: "You totally BoMo-ed in the bar last night, you crazy rager."

Maya: "Jealous? Was he a beautiful baby?"

Ashley: "Yeah, right after you credit carded him. He was probably a dad."
by Maya and Ashley July 03, 2006
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Mnemonic device for "Black Out Make Out". As a verb refers to when someone is so intoxicated that they makeout with someone they ordinarily would not. When this person realizes they are in fact making out, they need to stop immediately and leave the premises. When used as a noun it refers a person with whom someone would bomo.

Bomo's are a good thing. People who are bomoed should be flattered.
Verb: Q: "Did you bomo last night?"
A: "I don't remember"

Noun: Q: "Do you like him?"
A: "No, he's just a bomo."
by Meghan Alaska Katherine February 03, 2008
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A Nick Name or abbreviation for a small town in the shoalhaven NSW region called Bomaderry
Steve: "Where are you from ? "

Dave: "I'm from Bomaderry"

Steve: "Awesome Little town, Way to Go Bomo"
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by Sportkin January 26, 2018
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