Black-n-White - refers to interracial couple. When a black girl goes out with a white boy or white boy with a black girl.
May also be referred to black-n-white homosexual couple.
(Not to be confused with BMW car)
1: "-Hey, man check out that BNW over there?
-Nice :) "

2: "-Dude did you ever tried BNW date?
-You should. Its fun!"

3: "-Yo man, Miami has so much BNW!
-Yeah, I kinda noticed that too."
by Gatecrasher November 24, 2010
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acronym: bed not wed.

when guys see trashy but attractive girls they would like to have intercourse with them, but dont have any intention of forming a relationship with her afterwards due to the fact she is known to get around or dresses like a hooker.
1:"so what do you think of lisa?"
2:"dude your new girl is a total BNW"
by torcia February 2, 2009
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(B)rand (N)ew (W)ave
the rap group of young artist, Buc. Created and Inspired by Ian Burroughs
guy: bro you heard of bnw?
guy 2: yea bro, buc is a god
by buccccxlyfe March 23, 2019
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Brown nigga wave

If you from Bangladesh, Pakistan or India and you fresh and represent the community you on that bnw.
Yo have you hurd Nav’s new song?
Hell yeah nigga on that bnw
by Yashhh March 10, 2019
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Black-and-White, referring to old Black-and-White movies.
Back in the day, BnW was all you could get... now people only use it to look cool and/or relate to past BnW movies...
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