What is BNC? BNC is a great IRC (Internet Relay Chat) proxying server under the GPL (General Public License). It allows users to connect to chat servers by bouncing off the computer which is running BNC. Basically, it forwards the information from the user to the server and vise versa.

Why do people use it? There are several reasons for people to use BNC. Some people use BNC because their computers do not have direct access to the Internet. Thus, inorder for them to chat from their workstations, they must have a proxy server to forward data. Other people use BNC for security. Because of BNC's unique property, It sends the IP address of the host computer to the IRC server, thus the real address of the user is hidden from others.

If you get any use out of BNC or this site, I do ask you go ahead and click the banners. BNC is free, and its use thereof, modifications can be made and released as long as the whole source is included with credits made to the appropriate parties.
I use to hide my ip address for other users :)
by Blessed May 23, 2004
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Backwards Naked Crap. It's when you take off all your clothes and sit backwards on the toilet. This allows you to rest your head or your book on the back of the toilet, making for a more comfortable pooping experience.
Hey man, did you have a BNC today?
Hell yeah, dude, I almost fell asleep.
by Madame Sparkles August 14, 2007
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Abbreviation for a valued significant other often referred to as the "ball and chain"
Dude 1: "Missed you at bowling last night, brah. What gives?"
Dude 2: "My BNC was on some rant that I never spend time with her so I stayed at home."
Dude 1: "BNC's are like that sometime! They have a way of dealing you in!"
Dude 2: "Tell me about it!"
by LionG September 8, 2014
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A BNC (B-n-C) is defined as a Burn and Cruise. It's when someone get's high before driving around or goes out for a toke break and drives in the process of doing so due to the fact it's found enjoyable.
Chris: Wanna go out for a toke session?
Jared: Sure dude, hop in my car and we'll go out for a BNC
by Nymphetamine2791 October 21, 2009
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BNC stands for "bouncer"
It's great for defending your IRC channel against malicious attacks and also for conducting them.
by ircToonz March 7, 2005
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An abbreviation for "b***job, nap, and cookie", usually used to express intensely relaxing and recharging after a stressful day by fulfilling one's needs for pleasure, rest, and food.
Employee #1: "What is up with Jake? He's been really taking it out on everyone this afternoon. I've never seen him this wound up."

Employee #2: "He's been doing a lot of overtime on that special project we got stuck with and the boss has been breathing down his neck. He just needs to go home and get a BNC; he'll be fine tomorrow."
by FeralCatt June 28, 2012
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