Short for BMW
Mostly used in rap songs.
"Officer Bird's on his way, and I don't wanna see him
could you please give me the keys to the BM?
See, I didn't want to gank you
but don't make me bank you, thank you
Tried to get yo the hood, and you might guess
that a fool like me woulda shot Cyrus
Incognito, Ghetto Eagle
Saying, "Fuck, where did he go?"
I bust me a left from Rubellon. Park
The 735 and I'm bailin"

ghetto bird - ice tea
by AlphaQ May 08, 2006
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The act of being a bitch and killing someone downed in fortnite
I just got bm'ed
by Evil John wick April 02, 2018
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"bowel movement" but in this case used as an adjective when being annoyed for fed up with a certain person.
Ellen has been such a BM lately, shes on my nerves.
by Seamus O'Connell April 30, 2008
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Music: The abbreviations "BM" are known amongst metal enthusiasts as Black Metal. The same follows for it's widely unknown subgenres USBM (United States Black Metal) and NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal). Although, NSBM itself is hotly debated whether or not it belongs to the older BM idealologys. Any other abbrevations outside Black Metal's offspring are considered to be jokes.
If you think Cradle of Filth or Children of Bodom are BM.. do yourself a favor and kill yourself.
by _aeon July 07, 2006
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BM Stands for:

BM = Big Matthew
BM = Best Mate
BM = Birthday Mood
BM = Be Mine
BM = Big Member
BM = Bowel Movement
BM = Big Meat
BM = Best Man
BM = Brazilian Man
BM = Body Man

And he is the King member of co-ed Korean group KARD.
Somin: BM is sitting in the seat next to me
BM *makes the noise of dishes clanking*
Somin: Oh~ please behave better~
BM: What?
Somin: Told you to behave carefully
BM: I am, it's difficult because my arms are big and legs are long and everything
Somin: Are you hulk?
BM: I'm powerful, Power.
via giphy
by kard_canada November 24, 2018
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a bitch move or bowel movement. context will decide the official definition.
Kayla: Wow that was a huge BM by Claire.
Chris: Do you mean bowel movement or bitch move? Your sentence was pretty hard to decipher.
Kayla: Bowel movement. Claire just took a huge dump.
Chris: But I though girls didn't poop?
by thecabbageninja September 26, 2011
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