Abreviation for Bowell Movement (Verb I guess) Certainly not to be used anywhere near to "yo baby's Mama" and one poor sole has suggested.
Eating a balanced diet will result in healthy floating B.M's; not the bowl stanging sinkers most gangsters coil in dimly lit, fetid tiolets.
by Priz Biz Sage June 10, 2005
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Abbreviation for trve kvlt Black Metal
Have you listened to the latest Naglfar album, it was trve kvlt BM
by Omnimaniac April 19, 2015
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Used commonly in online games such as StarCraft, WarCraft, etc.

BM is used when someone is of repeated annoyance and uses such bad language such as "Fuck you", "Damn you", "Shut the fuck up", "Go slit yourself", etc. etc.
In most cases people like this usually need a good kick and a warning.
Gosh, John is so BM. Yesterday he was observing one of my games and he went a fucking nuke rush on me...that is so BM..

Other Guy: Yeah, let's ban him from our channel cause he's done that to me and like 5 other people.
by Frank G. November 20, 2004
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BM stands for BladeMaster from the popular Bilzzard game Warcraft III.
Crap, TP to my base the fags are BM rushing me!
by DoomsDayPoptart April 21, 2005
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