Stands for Big Lipped Ubangy Mother Fucker. It is not ugly, like the previous example stated. Ubangy is slang for someone of African tribal descent. A deroggatory term for negroes..
-Most basketball players, including Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton, are BLUMFs..

-Go collect your well-fare, like a BLUMF.
by racoon wallace February 01, 2005
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An acronym for Big Lipped Ugly Mother Fucker, and a slang used by white surfer types from the Playa Del Rey/ Westchester, CA area in the late 1970's to describe a person of African descent with out angering them into a tribal uprising.
Damn Stelly, did you see that Blumf, his fro was gnarly huge.
by Slappysigfried October 20, 2013
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when you get a blowjob while going for a shit at the same time
guy: fancy a blumf?
girl: whats a blumf?
guy: c'mon into the shitter and i'll show you
by a-whales-vagina March 22, 2007
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