Body Language Doctor. A BLD is a person who has a fantastic amount of success in studying the probability of two people fucking based on their body language. BLDs are born to help. They are selfless and often find themselves neglecting their own love lives in order to give direction to the relationship-needy. The common practices of a BLD are similar to that of a free mason; nearby BLDs meet every once in a while to discuss recent hook-ups, break-ups, and fuck-ups within the thirsty community.
Girl A: That guy over there is SO hot. He also portrays himself as if he has a huge cock.
Girl B: Oh, that guy? yeah, he's a BLD.
by BLD ltd December 22, 2015
Ryan: "Jay got his girl pregnant and shes a dog...what a BLD"

Kyle: "Dude, that's fuckin' resh"
by Lafferty Daniel August 7, 2008
Big Long Dick

Shortened down to BLD it can also mean Black Long Dick.
Usually describes a man's dick.
Girl 1: Last night...I had sex with a BLD
Girl 2: Really? What was it like?
Girl1: Well, it was big and long an a dick. So good.
by urbangoddess105 June 15, 2010
breakfast, lunch, and dinner. something that occurs all day long. phrase used in the act of taunting another
We owned that team BLD.
by Dogghouse January 12, 2009
Bad Life Decision.
Not to be confused with the ever popular fml moments. Bld is more the things that lead up to the extreme side of things such as the fml moments. Its the opposite of a GLD(good life decision)
GLD: Partyyy - leads to- BLD: Blacking out and getting pregnant -leads to- FMl: The next day thinking back on the night.
by Steve714 October 23, 2009
A sandwhich composing of beacon, lettuce, and a penis. The B(beacon) L(Lettuce) D(Dick). Usually, desired penis is wrapped in a layer of lettuce, then utilizes fresh strips of beacon around the outside of the wrap, akin to a delicious ornamental ribbon.
Servicemen: "Hay Johnny, whatchu want off the dick menu?"

Johnny: "Gimme a BLD... the dick du jour"
by Shane Oveson January 1, 2008
Butt Lustin’ Dustin
You guys see what BLD took home last night?
by BillyBignutz October 25, 2019