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Good Life Decision. Opposite of Poor Life Decision (PLD). An action that could have turned into a PLD, but you took steps to change that. This action leads to NO REGRETS.
"I was going to sleep with the frat boy wearing a dress, but then I decided not to. GLD."
"I was about to finish that bottle of 151, then I switched to water. GLD."
"My grandma called in the middle of sex. I didn't answer. GLD."
"I was about to drunkenly paint my body in permanent paint. Then I decided to use washable paint. GLD."
by MMm 12 March 30, 2009
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Good luck, don't suck.

An expression in online gaming to express one's desire towards other players to not play poorly.

May also be used as a snarky or brutally honest reply to GLHF(good luck, have fun).

By stating GL DS you convey that you yourself are not a complete failure; therefore you would be a hypocritical poser to say GL DS and proceed to be the weakest link in the chain (see Scrub).
Noob1234: gl hf
Scrub1337: gl hf
Sealclubber9k: GL DS because my win rate means more to me than your happiness.
by Azaduur January 04, 2018
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