Brother n Law ...
"What up BL... ?"
by Kila_T June 3, 2014
ball lightning, the most deadly force in all three dimensions
how the fuck did you make that hypercube? BL bro
by taz gam March 21, 2004
(1) (abbreviation) Bud Light

(2) (abbreviation) blunt, as in a hollowed out cigar, filled with marijuana and resealed
(1) "I'll take a Jack & Coke and 2 BLs"

(2) "Let's spark this BL"
by etafatdik June 19, 2008
BL stands for "Boy's Love"

Typically a Hentai with gay guys.
OMG BECKY! I found the best BL to read!
by BlueWolfie June 1, 2018
Any joke, comment or email that causes you to have a spontaneous deep belly laugh. Most likely, when rolling on the floor is not currently adviseable (in work area, out in public, muddy floor).

Person 1: (Insert your favorite joke here), send/tell to person 2.

Person 2: BL!
by highpony February 10, 2011
A term used to covertly refer to African Americans during conversation.
"Look! that BL is getting arrested."
by the OG Mo REESE June 8, 2009