BFR : A big fat dog that outweighs a D-8 Cat bulldozer. Meaning dog that is massively overweight and spoiled.
Short for be for real and the lesser version of bffr.
"You're really telling me that you just forgot to use a condom, Chad."
"I know it sounds stupid but I'm bfr with you rn."
by Raregotjokes October 10, 2022
My new dog, Jackson is the best BFR.
by Assmatt August 9, 2022
it’s short for before.
Me: “guys when are we hanging out?”

friend: “ def bfr school”
by sosoflyyyy August 5, 2022
Big fucking rapist. Used by horny van00bs.
There's a BFR raping our AMS.
by Phlegmcurdler November 8, 2004
Texting and chatting acronym that means "just kidding (but for real)."

Can also be written simply as jkbfr.
Doug123 says: Hey Mike, your mom is a total MILF!"

Mike456 says: My dad thinks so."

Mike456 says: J/K (BFR)

Doug123 says: Yeah, your mom is a MILF.

Doug123 says: jkbfr
by Old Toe March 6, 2013
Bfr- is a slang term for be 'for real'
'are you serious bfr bro'
by S@MMI3 December 21, 2022