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A place in the ass-crack of Pennsylvania where it's common to find dirty men in their mid to late 40's riding bikes around town as a form of transportation. The town isn't very large, only spanning about 3x2 miles, but can somehow house the same ammount of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and various types of pills as Philadelphia. As a matter of fact, the only way most people ever heard of Nanticoke is from the stoner magazine "High Times."

Population in Nanticoke consists of the aforementioned freaks on wheels, slutty teenage girls who can find love interests in more than 4 guys at a time, hardcore kids who claim to be straight-edge but couldn't possibly be in a town so riddled with drugs, teenage males who are overloaded with testosterone and steroids who also say the GNA Football Team will take states the following season only to lose every game and continue their trademark of winning 5 games over 5 seasons, and people who are older than the town with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

Activities in Nanticoke include 3 main things for 3 main locations. On every street in Nanticoke, there are disgusting pizza places, hole in the wall bars filled with the town drunks, and churches. In general, you can get dysentary from a local pizza place, get sloshed at a bar, and then go worship at church, all on a walk down your street within one hour.
Adult Male 1: Let's go down to Nanticoke for the day.

Adult Male 2: Alright, what do you wanna do there?

Adult Male 1: We can do anything. I say we go get drunk and go to a football game to watch GNA get man-handled and while we're there we can start a love triangle with a highschool slut, then we can buy some coke from a local hookup I know. And once the night is over, we can come back here and snort up!

Adult Male 2: Sounds good, lemme grab my bike.
by Keith Moran March 20, 2008
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