Black Friday Friend. The person you are next to in line that you chat up during your wait before the doors open. The conversation usually involves some sharing of personal information or previous Black Friday experiences. Your BFF can give you some useful shopping tips if they are a seasoned Black Friday shopper. Note: Once the doors open, your BFF may become an adversary.
In line at Wal-Mart on Black Friday my BFF told me the exact location of the 40 inch LED TVs on sale for a hundred bucks. After the doors opened we both raced for them and I punched her in the head as she reached for the last the set.
by Dokto Snuggo January 19, 2013
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BFF is a rock band on the Neverever Records label. Their music is a cross between the musical genres mossy rock and abstract pop.
I am rocking out to the new BFF track; it's so mossy!
by yamlord February 19, 2008
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2 girls: we're Bff's (bestfriendsforever)
2 guys: haaha big fat f*cker!!
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Acronym for Big Fat Fattie. Usually, but not necessarily, used toward a friend whose eating habits you encourage.
Hey BFF, want to go get some Taco Bell?
by ChillinJillie July 14, 2009
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"Butt Fucking Fagotts"
BFF is self explanitory with the REAL definition above
by Mark Pucheu October 13, 2006
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one of your best friends;best friend forever;abbreviation to Best Friend Forever
"You are the best BFF a girl could have!"
by Mrs.Figglehorn June 13, 2009
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BFF is when a bank is taken over by the FDIC- it always happens on a Friday.
by clreader November 14, 2009
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