Commonly used as Best Friends Forever, but among your overweight friends you can use it as Big Fat Fucks.
John: Hey, wanna go to White Castle?
Bob: No, I'm on a diet.
John: But I thought we were B.F.F.!
by Alex Blake January 23, 2007
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people that are part of your life. There always there for you. They are understanding and you love them like your family.They dont judge you and like you for who you are.Bff means best friends for ever.
Yay charolotte,sydney,emma,alyssa,jessie, and rosie are my bffs.
by andreawinditup April 16, 2007
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someone who makes you feel constantly high on life, someone who makes you laugh uncontrollably for long periods of time, someone who provides you with the best inside jokes, someone who would be willing to skip down the hallways with you screaming, just to make people stare. best friend forever.
aww chloemae youre my bff i love you so much!
by crissyg November 22, 2009
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acronym which stands for "Back Fat Fuckin'". Achieved by pushing together two rolls of fat on some fat slut's back and pumping away. A good technique when the rotund cum-dumpster you're rogering has a hatchet wound so loose that it's like throwing a hot dog through a hallway.
You'll get that new aggressive full-blown AIDS if you bone that slutty keg-on-legs.

That's okay, I just plan on doing some BFF'n.
by Twisted Phister March 09, 2005
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Black Friday Friend. The person you are next to in line that you chat up during your wait before the doors open. The conversation usually involves some sharing of personal information or previous Black Friday experiences. Your BFF can give you some useful shopping tips if they are a seasoned Black Friday shopper. Note: Once the doors open, your BFF may become an adversary.
In line at Wal-Mart on Black Friday my BFF told me the exact location of the 40 inch LED TVs on sale for a hundred bucks. After the doors opened we both raced for them and I punched her in the head as she reached for the last the set.
by Dokto Snuggo January 18, 2013
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