Best Friends Forever. It does not mean Boy Friend, or Bad Friend, though it is a comman mistake.
-My BFF is Ari!
-You are my BFF!
-I'll ask my BFF!
by NoNo Claire December 17, 2006
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BFF stands for Best Friend Forever, to me a BFF always has your back and is with you through everything. Having a best friend should be like having a brother or sister. Sure you'll have fights ,but you'll always make up. A best friend is someone you can't live without someone that fills a void in your life, someone who cares about you and who you care about. You shall have the strongest bonds that no one can sever. You may go in some of the best journeys in life together and have the best experiences while in each other's company. A BFF is a true friend you will have forever.
I known my BFF for 20 years and have had a lot of fantastic fun on vacations with her.
by TheQuietSpectator June 03, 2015
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Best Friends Forever is the common term, But most of my crew use it as "Best Fuck Friend"

Alot of people don't have relationships instead have a variety of "friends with benefits"

Your most favorite friend with benefits is your Best Fuck Friend
They are good in bed.. But they are not my BFF. (Best Fuck Friend)
by DerZy - God of Ganja May 22, 2009
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