An abbreviation for Banter food and fuck/ frolic. A more frank version of Netflix and chill.
Emily 'I don't want a boyfriend and Hulu and commitment'
Hannah 'bag yourself a BFF fam'
by Hanily December 1, 2015
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Best Friends Forever. It does not mean Boy Friend, or Bad Friend, though it is a comman mistake.
-My BFF is Ari!
-You are my BFF!
-I'll ask my BFF!
by NoNo Claire December 17, 2006
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Best Friends Forever is the common term, But most of my crew use it as "Best Fuck Friend"

Alot of people don't have relationships instead have a variety of "friends with benefits"

Your most favorite friend with benefits is your Best Fuck Friend
They are good in bed.. But they are not my BFF. (Best Fuck Friend)
by DerZy - God of Ganja May 22, 2009
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Ben Fold five
Bangladesh Football Federation
Airport Code for Scotts Bluff County Airport, Nebraska
The BFF and The BFF arrived on the same plane at BFF
by Kevclark June 13, 2008
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a lie. there is no such thing as having a BFF because eventually you will just stab each other in the back one too many times and it will be over forever.
the person you think is your best friend. if you're lucky enough to think you have one at the moment.

someone who is not worth crying over but you always do anyway

Person1: My so-called BFF just stole my guy/girl and now shes/hes pissed at me for no reason!

Person2: welcome to my world
by na//me November 16, 2005
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