Your British ex-boyfriend. The guy who's accent used to be so sexy and mysterious. Now, he's just that annoying guy with the lame accent.
Friend: "How's your boyfriend?"
You: "We don't talk about that British Fuck anymore!"
by RmMcC March 8, 2009
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both people put on blind folds and you fill your partners ass-holes with tea and you try and dunk a biscuit in the persons asshole and eat it
" I heard Kisha and becky tried the blind British fuck last night" "what slags"
by 2jul0 July 19, 2021
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The act of pushing someones head down (to their stomach area, therefore making them look like they are sucking there own shlong) in a repetitive motion until they beg for mercy.
dude, you just British Blind-Fuck ed matt so good man" "hahaha i know, but matt's a fag anyway
by Anonymous217678687 May 11, 2011
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