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BEANZ definition for Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter,Nick Mara and Zion Kuwonu. BEANZ is the fandom name of these five boys who call them selves PRETTYMUCH a band made by Simon Cowell.
Austin: What's up BEANZ!
Ryan:What are BEANZ?
Austin: Oh it's what we call our fans.
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by Mkysofficial September 27, 2017
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A fat teenage boy, who listens to metal and drinks Capri Sun. Wears a ratted out batman shirt and grass stained jeans. Most likely found in the Rocky Mountains nursing baby sharks back to life.
Wow that kid is totally a Beanz!!
by Mobey the Great White Shark December 22, 2013
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the coolest word in the world. has no meaning. can be used to replace any word in any sentence. can also be used to replace all lyrics in a song and sound really cool beanz.
stop being a beanz, hayden.
thats so beanz dawg.
(music to home on on the range) beanz beanz buh beanz beanz.
by WIll and Hunter April 10, 2008
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1) A highly desirable state of excellence.
2) To be of extreme merit and worth.
Yo, this party is mad beanz.
by John Arndt March 13, 2006
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A nerd with a small penis.
' Oh look at that he's such a beanz! '
' Yeah man look how small his penis '
by Jake Dizzle November 05, 2007
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