BEANZ definition for Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter,Nick Mara and Zion Kuwonu. BEANZ is the fandom name of these five boys who call them selves PRETTYMUCH a band made by Simon Cowell.
Austin: What's up BEANZ!
Ryan:What are BEANZ?
Austin: Oh it's what we call our fans.
by Mkysofficial September 27, 2017
A fat teenage boy, who listens to metal and drinks Capri Sun. Wears a ratted out batman shirt and grass stained jeans. Most likely found in the Rocky Mountains nursing baby sharks back to life.
Wow that kid is totally a Beanz!!
by Mobey the Great White Shark December 23, 2013
beanz beanz beanz beanz beanz

if you don’t understand what beanz are you really aren’t living your life

it could be an insult, a compliment or simply bEanz
me: beanz

someone: what does beanz mean
me: how could you not know you are such a disappointment
by becauseicanyay December 27, 2019
the coolest word in the world. has no meaning. can be used to replace any word in any sentence. can also be used to replace all lyrics in a song and sound really cool beanz.
stop being a beanz, hayden.
thats so beanz dawg.
(music to home on on the range) beanz beanz buh beanz beanz.
by WIll and Hunter April 11, 2008
extasy tablets
by bennett January 16, 2003
1) A highly desirable state of excellence.
2) To be of extreme merit and worth.
Yo, this party is mad beanz.
by John Arndt March 13, 2006
' Oh look at that he's such a beanz! '
' Yeah man look how small his penis '
by Jake Dizzle November 5, 2007