A handsome bitch from a boyband PRETTYMUCH, the oldest of them all. He is talented, awesome, artistic, motHERFOOKING EVERYTHING MY LOML . Deserves the world, and deserves a long-ass verse 👑
by droptopyellow October 31, 2018
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Austin Porter is a blond hair boy from the boy band PRETTYMUCH.
“Austin Porter is so talented.”
by PastelTori October 28, 2018
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a cute blonde guy with long hair from the band PRETTYMUCH. an anime kween 😍🙌🏽 also a lowkey artist that’s highkey good. HES ALSO HOT ASF if you didn’t know ;))
“Did you hear the “uhh yo it’s prettymuch” in solita? the guy who did that is so hot”
“yup thats austin porter, AUSTIN DID THAT SHITTTT 😍”
by kuwonusarreaga October 28, 2018
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the nigga from prettymuch who doesn’t shower. simon only let him in the band cause he wanted another long haired crackhead, like harry styles. he's a highkey alcoholic and he’s 'famous'. he watches hentai and he cheated on his shorty. brandon doesn’t give him any lines.
Girl1: Bro we're studying the lifestyle or drug addicts! who should we use as an example?

Girl2: Austin Porter
by tiffanigger October 30, 2018
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