A slang word for cigarette, commonly used in southern Ontario Canada and the eastern United states.
Yo, you have an extra bogie?
by 4.2.0. February 14, 2010
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Slang for a cigarette. Taken from Humphrey Bogart. Often times confused with Stogies, a slang word for a cigar or cigarello.

Plural: bogies
Other forms: Boge (singular), Boges (plural)
"Hey Jo, where you going?"
"I'm going out for a bogie."
by LadyJetFuel December 4, 2014
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A bogie is Canadian slang for a cigarette
Yo you see that wasteman smokin a bogie🤮?
by Rico😈 January 3, 2019
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Derived from slang for cigarette or cigar.
Used on the west coast, a bogie is a large quantity of marijuana -no more than a half oz no less than an eighth- rolled into a tobacco wrap.

See also Blunt or Large Blunt
1- Yo mang how you doin I havent seen you around,

where you been?

2- Doo last night I decided to buy up a QP. HaH I aint done SHIT. Cept stay home rollin bogies ALL DAY!
by WCBiz February 16, 2010
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A boner, pokie, Doinky doink, pants enlarger, buldge, erection, anything protruding from the males pants and can be seen from a distance.
When Billy saw Rachel's ass, his bogie was showiing through his shorts and the girls laughed.
by HahahahahaxP February 18, 2010
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A bogie is a person who does not belong or someone who is "set apart" from the crowd. If you were standing next to a homeless crack head, he would be referred to as a "bogie", that is unless you are a homeless crackhead. The background of the word comes from golf. A bogie is rarely pleasing and is avoided at any cost.
Look at that bogie standing over there taking it in the ass.
by Steele October 17, 2004
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A horrifying monster that is usually found under beds looking for sexual intercourse with teenage girls.
"Last night I found Bogie under my bed!"
by CatStealer45 March 26, 2018
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