Black Disciples Killa, A term often used by members of GD
Houston: Yo bro im BD what u bang?
James: Oh frl? Well im BDK so what u tryna do?
by bk.blu August 4, 2023
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a term used when nuski got shot.
source: jojo- bdk/zack tv
#bdk- everybody bdk since bows ain't comin in.
by african_slang September 9, 2021
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A gang by the name of Ballz Deep Krew.
Don't you mess with the BDK, they'll get their boys after you.
by BDK enthusiast. June 25, 2010
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guy 1- Yo when's poker night?
guy 2- Next week son.
guy 1-BDK!
guy 2-no they do not.
by MuzzyFromDanviz March 23, 2010
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Brandon: Hey we should call ourselves the BDK's
Victor: Well whats it stand for?
Brandon: Big Dick Kids!!
Aaron: Oh right...
by The Wonderkid September 28, 2010
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An unpleasent bus driver that looks slightly like a bug. Allergic to smiling and dancing. No laughing on his bus.
Is BDK our driver today? If so, get all laughing out of your system now.
by Niiiicole September 5, 2007
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Brunswick Drinkup Crew aka Bring Da Kaos, a small crew from the urban town of Melbourne located in Central Brunswick, each member with there own story, each member bring something unique to the group. Through the day we Study or work, through the night we drink and live life large roaming the local st and parks dictating law. We live to party and party to live theirs never a dull moment. Be good, stay calm 4 BDK is watchin u !
Dude lets go to BDK park. Tru that's so Ghetto, betta make the call then.
by ChristianKingofClubs June 9, 2009
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