A word used by mentally challenged people who find enjoyment in very aggressive cock sucking activities. If this disease progress any further the host may change their liking in music from a normal pop songs to degenerate Nordic garbage songs.
I listen to Jumal, I'm a true baus!
I have bought this digital knife for 100$ like a real baus.
by zeniausbicas741 January 4, 2022
A word usually screamed out randomly to describe sheer awesomeness, can also be used as a question.

V. to BAU!


by Phil maballs May 13, 2009
a fail at typing in IM when you are in a hurry, as in when you try to type bai and type bau
milly: my mom is yelling at me, i have to go
molly: ok bai
milly: bau
by Necta-chan December 20, 2010
Ugly chink who likes a girl who doesnt acknowledge him. He eats with chop sticks and has too wear glasses because of his slanted eyes. Same colour as his piss. He also does 1 tiny shit per week and is always constipated! (rush hour 2)
He loves bananas and uses his techniques on a boy called rudi.
by xXxBxDxXx January 24, 2011
a person who does extreme acts that is often for the goods and benefits of the community. A baus is also similiar to a legend.
(a word used to show respect)
Sarah: Did you hear about how Jacob spent time to help out those children in Africa?
Mark: Yeah, he stayed there for over two months giving food and building shelter. What a baus!!
Sarah: I agree, he should be enlisted in the hall of fame.
by respectarmy August 1, 2017
Your a huge baus. We are all huge fuckin bauses.
by baus baus September 1, 2011
Anything big/long;

most likely darker skinned people;

anything thats burnt; anything hairy ; anything crooked
Bau girls weaves smell.

Your talking to that dude with the bau nose???!!!

Damn all the cookies I made turned out bau.
by BauBau December 14, 2009