A sound often affiliated with porn and other sexual interactions.
Every moment was just waiting for the bau-chick-a-bau-bau track.
by crunchie December 19, 2005
Bau was a word invented by rich snobby boys on Oslo's (norway) westside. Later, it got spread in the whole Eastern part of Norway, and now it seems it will be a common international word. The word itself means snuff (norwegian/swedish: snus), which is tobacco you put in your upper lip. The word was made to keep the snuff orally hidden from the parents (as the kids who invented the word, and used bau, were underaged and therefore not allowed to use bau)
Can I have a bau?
Did you bring the bau?
Yo! I just be chillin with a bau!
Norwegian: Kan jeg bomme ei litta bau?
Norwegian: Tok du med bauen?
Norwegian: Jeg chillern med bau.
by hockis June 6, 2004
a word used by a bunch of retarded highschoolers from western sydney who think they're top shit.
"fukin baus bro, good fuckin shit"
by roddharper December 16, 2016
Bau it means smell in Malay language
Bau apa itu?
What smell is that ?
by Zddxdd December 9, 2021
Having origins from the word “boss”, this title commands respect. “Baus” generally applies to a male who has varied talents and is generally well liked. Women want Baus and men want to be Baus.
Ayyy Baus, gibbe da poosey
What’s up Baus
You can have my bitch Baus
by Baus_1738 June 13, 2018
A slang word for snus in the Romsdal region of the Norwegian county Møre & Romsdal. Mostly used in the city of Molde.
En Moldenser: Dude, kan i bomme en bau av det eller?
En Midsunding: I blir så låk tå na tigginga di...

In english:

A Moldenser: Dude, can i bum a bau from you?
A Midsunding: No, i get so sick of you always begging...
by Smngrp December 18, 2015