This Definition means Back alley nigger fuck. This is a word to be used when something bad happens to someone.
Man, You just got banfed
by Joey March 31, 2005
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When a hot chick is banging some drunk dude in the dark and she switches with her fat friend so that the fat chick can get some dick.
Dude, I got totally banfed last night by a real hottie. I should have seen it coming...she kept trying to get me to dance with her fat friend.
by rhymenocerous March 14, 2009
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Little ginger fuck, someone who wishes they had a tan but can never get one!!(the closest thing he gets to a tan is freckles!) has an unusually large head..! and thinks hes bigger than he is.. some say he looks like a horse!! can't handle drink and is somewhat of a retard. Mistaken for a downy!
look.. he looks like banf, hanging!!
by benjamin john 123 April 14, 2009
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a word used after a particularly clever insult. similar to the word "burn"
"your mom is so fat she visited the grand canyon and got stuck. ooooo, banf!"
by *Beth* February 17, 2006
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