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Bitches 4 Life. A professional association of North Eastern beotches who get things done in the human services field. B4L promotes unity, sistahood, cell phone use, and a general "girl, please!" attitude.

B4L represents the reclamation of a derogatory term used to describe effective, opinionated women.

They are most easily identified by their exceptional aptitude for fashion, crowd-pleasin' karaoke, and fantabulous good looks. Colors: Black and Dark Blue (baby blue is for punks).

Their tag line: "Bitch is the new black." as well as "SO?!"
"B4L is in the house!"
by Luscious Kitty March 31, 2008
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I am a melomaniac.
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An acronym for the term " Bitch for Life". Used commonly with high schoolers.
Man that Bethany is a B4L.
by Todd Feipel October 08, 2007
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A group of Glasgow, could be reffered to as a gang in some aspects.

The B4L, the more common name for which has bin named The Brotherhood (the full name is hardly used anymore)
The B4L has numbers in excess of 30 and can be identified by their bandanas which hang from the back of their jeans on most members.

The majority of the members are metalheads, stoners and pillheads, but a few of the most prominent figures are into hiphop/metal crossover and hardcore techno.

They gave a strong presance in 3 bars and a few nightclubs in the city centre, most noteably The Catty (Cathouse) and are publicly known to be quite loud and aggressive, that aside, they are fun loving and friendly unless crossed.
'mate the whole b4l is here tonight man ooft'
'that guy over ther is b4l man hes pure fleein oot his trolley'
by amadman July 05, 2007
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B4L stands for " Brothers for Life". B4L is an elite group of the sexiest brothers in the 757. They always have on the latest drip and will never be caught lacking. They are also masters of pulling girls. 9/10 you will see them talking/flirting with girls.
Girl: "Did you see Chris and Caleb? They are so Drippy!"
Boy: "Duh! They’re B4L!"
by GuppyTheGoat December 09, 2019
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