B13 AKA the best Rap/Drill Group in the world and *******, There members are, Coney, BradyInDaBando ect.
Joe: Yo Yo Bro did you hear that new b13 tune

Mick: Yup Yup Bro it was fire
by B13REAL December 30, 2021
A French film starring David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli. Produced by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, Leon: The Professional), District B13 is one of the films introducing parkour to the action genre. It features some of those most intense chase scenes you will ever see, none of which use CG. It was written after seeing David & Cyril's stuntman portfolio as an excuse to put the two together in a film. The result is breathtaking, and has even been ripped off in newer movies like Casino Royale's opening chase scene (except again, District B13 didn't use any CG). Go see it, or at least YouTube the opening chase scene.
God damn I wish I could move like they do in District B13, I wouldn't ever need a car if I did.
by Douglas Young September 25, 2007
The perfect group chat. One which, usually, contains the perfect ratio of banter to intelligent conversation, and which the mood remains chill even when the gossip level goes past 13.
You would love our group chat, it's a real B13 and chill.
by Anaconda dick September 3, 2016
a gang full of indecisive youngers named haz and n1 who are the so called pussy jelleys
the b13 boppa are a bunch of jelley’s who are pussies
by zedfrm11 April 11, 2022
Dollypran or tash bidodane f Cocacola
3imara 11 dar 12 b13 kolchy tash !
by Khazziiii October 3, 2020
The Best/Worst Bedwars player. Insanely cool person.
All the egirls wanted to edate B13.
by B13_ January 29, 2022