Acronym for 70s & 80s rock group Blue Öyster Cult. First band to use unneeded umlauts, setting the trend for metal bands for years to come. Great band. Lemmy Kilmeister of Motörhead & Hawkwind thinks they're assholes. This acronym is used way more often to describe this band than "beer o'clock" or any of the other terms listed for B.O.C.
You say you're a huge B.O.C. fan, but you've never even heard the Tyranny and Mutation LP?!?
by Julius Diamond July 22, 2008
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Submitted to Urban Dictionary by Kim E. Blaine.

B.O.C. meaning Beer O’Clock, which translates to it’s time for a beer.

It's B.O.C.
Nash: “What time is it, Kim?”
Kim: “It’s B.O.C. Let’s head down to the Blue and Gray on Castleton Ave and ask Karen to set us up a tab.”

by Kim E. Blaine February 11, 2006
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Balls on Chin. When the female gives you head and you pump it on their mouth. Your testacles literally smacks them on the chin repeatedly.
Yo Tyrone! I hit your lady up with some B.O.C. last night.
by dl0vv August 11, 2007
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"Bombin' Over Crewz" Taggin crew that originated from springdale, arkansas and has moved all over the country in cities like LA, Dallas, San Antonio & New York.
it can also be interpreted as
"Blastin otha cliquez" or "Beastin on Cities" and "Ballin Outta Control"
David- damn foe member that taggin crew B.O.C. we made?
tony- yea
David- well i just saw some negros in school taggin that shit too.
by cominritebehindya June 8, 2009
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Ball out of control- extreme partying in exotic places with different substances available for expirimentation.
this friday, we're gonna b.o.c. like never before.
by Eric BOC Preston December 10, 2007
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Is an acronym for Brother(s) Of Colour. Referencing to a or several intellectual faithful black males. Can be used as a term of endearment amongst themselves. BOC’s usually break bread together and come together for wholesome activity but also do get up to some n*gga sh*t
Abdi: Yo wass’up G, you down to shoot some hoops?
Terry: yea dude, totally just depends on who’s gonna be there?

Abdi : Dope! Just gonna be me and a couple other B.O.C’s from my ends
by Notyourbroomar June 17, 2021
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suck my dick like a B.O.C.

dude that bitch is fiiiiiiine like a B.O.C.

i forgot my homework, im fucked like a B.O.C.
by P SWIZzz June 6, 2011
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