A reply to anything someone says you on discord

Just like "The h"
Discord Mod: I have your ip adress
You: the b
by Pyrank May 21, 2022
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Short for Britta, from the show Community.
Getting rid of Britta
Getting rid of The B
She’s a no good b
Getting rid of Britta
Getting rid of The B
She’s a GDB
by AllIsernamesTkn June 15, 2020
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Bathroom. Particularly useful with children or animals.
by snapplez November 20, 2006
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A phrased used to indicate the disire of two penises instead of just one.

(Not to get confused with the D)
Guy 1: "Ey brah get over here ASAP Jenny just texted me, she said she really wants the B!"

Guy 2: "Dayum dude isn't that gay though?"

Guy 1: "Nah man just as long as we don't make eye contact!"
by Whattheburp September 6, 2014
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The B, a mystical being, also known as "Denice" or "The Deez of the Knees". The B is Dennis R'S counter ego and he is only seen in the darkest and sexiest of nights.
I wish I could have my very own The B!

Bro. The B gave me a rock hard boner last night but I couldn't have sex with him sadly. ):
by Follower of Dennis R and The J February 28, 2022
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A BLT without the lettuce or tomato.

Assist its arrival with shouting "The B!", clapping, and jumping.
Guy 1: What ya making for lunch?
Guy 2: The B! YEAH!
by T-Box November 11, 2004
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“The B” means “the beginning”.
Man I knew you was a hoe from “the b”.

Last night I bought ol gurl to my crib, I thought we was just friends, but she was tryna give me some head off “the b”. Now Imma have to re evaluate our friendship and make her wife.
by KJOMATIC June 10, 2018
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