A guy who would make jokes and tease u but he would also make you feel like the most special person in the world.
He is one of the cutest and pengest guys you would ever meet!
Your so lucky to have a person like azaan!
by Hidden_child.Xx April 28, 2018
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The best gamer in the world and will eat yo ass if he does not gte his cookies
Wow ur acting like a azaan
by Astokolameo February 27, 2019
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A man or woman that is world-class in the art of sex or sexual practice. Also a term used to describe amazing people.
Oh, Billy...you are SO azaan.
by notvalid30 July 28, 2009
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A guy that has a very big penis and gets alot of girls.If he likes you though he will only focus on you
Look at Azaan
by Rob_the_cool_kid February 19, 2019
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Gives many people test answers in class and also he is a very smart kid.
Azaan helps his friends and is very nice to the them overall he is a very smart, kind and nice kid
by ITS YA BOI FAT GUY February 27, 2020
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Azaan is a name. Normally someone called Azaan is the kindest man you will ever meet, but he seriously needs help, some of his family are shznjeieb, Azaan feels trapped, please help him. A leng and kind man deserves so much better. And let’s not forget he has to suffer with that annoying uncle, please help Azaan as soon as possible. He needs to be shown kindness by someone who is not annoying. Azaan has the best friends in the world, they always help him, Azaan will help you anytime aswell
Mustafa:Azaan, I’m sorry you have an annoying uncle

Azaan:Don’t worry, it’s not your fault
by Suuuiiii January 06, 2022
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A mysterious guy you never know what he's hiding and he always distances himself acts like there's nothing to him, but you sometimes find hints that we all are living in his world. Other than that he's a really nice guy and he's so hot for his age and so mature, he's so dreamy.
Azaan proposed to me!~
by EIHPLA December 08, 2021
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