A Guy That Has A Huge Dick, Makes 90% Of His Girls Squirt, And Can Make Anyone Laugh. Usually The Guy To Steal Your B***h also a guy that gets a lot of girls.If he likes you though he will only focus on you.He is also a guy who would make jokes and tease u but he would also make you feel like the most special person in the world.
He is one of the cutest and pengest guys you would ever meet.
Your so lucky to have a person like Azaan!
by Prxncess doll November 23, 2021
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Very quiet person that hides away in a group never that talkative sucks at sport and has a tiny dick
Azaan has a small dick and sucks at sport
by Fat neek hold my wood November 22, 2021
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A dumb retard that thinks he is good at fortnite
Look he's gay he must be an Azaan
by CockHero321 April 16, 2019
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Very short. He get's all the girls and is good at everything. even pooping but ammmann is better.
Damn, You are a Azaan #Koraynotgay
by xdBLACK August 11, 2018
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A Dumbass boy who will break your heart numerous times. If you’re smart don’t ever have a crush on Azaan he is trash. You’ll get addicted. Also his dick is small
Girl 1 : Azaan is really cute, I kinda like him
Girl 2 : Stop, you’ll get addicted
by Hot chicken patties May 13, 2020
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A bitch who loves to think he's smart but isn't. He is really small and has a massive ego.
He says he's smart, but he got a 70% on that test- a typical Azaan
by resyntax June 7, 2021
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azaan is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. he’ll always be there for you and will never fail to make you laugh. azaan has the cutest hair in the world. he’s super smart and is very good at AP history classes. he also has a very cute cat
You’re so smart like azaan!
by yeoitsthebestpersonever April 10, 2021
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