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a girl who loves fashion and loves her friends. talks to everyone, and is sometimes very dramatic. her interests always bounce around the place.
Boy #1: Whoa look at the girl over there! She's talking to the jocks and the emos!
Boy #2: Yeah, the girl is an Ayda
by Abrialle December 27, 2009
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When you think up something brilliantly righteous while baked.
X: I had this great highdea last night
Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.
by TripleWest September 03, 2012
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Cute, petite girl with long, dark hair. She is very bubbly, charming, and outgoing, and she laughs a lot. Also a teaser. Loves to have fun. Everyone wants to be around her.
Person 1: "Who's that girl over there. The short one with the cute laugh".

Person 2: "Oh thats Ayda. She's adorable isn't she?"
by Catlover2312 June 16, 2015
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Someone who is seriously DEMENTED, but is still the best person ever.

Very GAY and loves Rainbows

Fucks her cat daily.
Girl1: Hey are you an Ayda?
Girl2: wkadughklsdjhgkshjbdkjsbdkbskdvs?
Girl1: Yep.
by PeRoler July 16, 2018
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the baddest, most voluptuous, sexiest girl on the face of the earth. Her 😼 will swallow you whole if you get too close
Woah! Have you seen that girl!
Yeah, that’s Ayda! Her coochie be like a waterfall 😿😽
by coochieblaster3000 December 20, 2020
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Ayda is such a great person. She commits herself to whatever club she joins, even if she must deal with ignorant people. She keeps her head up in any situation and cares for each and every person, especially her family. Her rule is ‘sisters before misters’ and she considers everyone’s opinion. If you meet her, you would have to be an idiot to let her go. Although she doesn’t like to be considered “cute” or “petite”. She always considers herself as “cool” and”chill”
Person 1: hey, who’s that pretty girl in the hat comforting that other girl with the dress

Person 2: oh, that’s Ayda
by MonkeyTwilightChick December 24, 2019
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An Ayda is a short but petite beautiful girl. If you get on her bad side and you aren't all that close be ready for loads of shit-talking with her bestie however, she is as loyal as it gets if you deserve her loyalty. Ayda tends to overthink everything she cares about deeply and this often gets in the way of her happiness. She is a terrible texter but great at socializing in real life. Aydas often have bad asthma but still hold a depressingly large addiction to the feeling of being high. Aydas have a big and difficult personality so if you are close to Ayda congratulations.
- "Yo have you met Ayda?"
- "Yeah bro her ass is phat asf and she's hella fun."
by YourIntelligentMom February 11, 2021
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