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a girl who loves fashion and loves her friends. talks to everyone, and is sometimes very dramatic. her interests always bounce around the place.
Boy #1: Whoa look at the girl over there! She's talking to the jocks and the emos!
Boy #2: Yeah, the girl is an Ayda
by Abrialle December 27, 2009
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Cute, petite girl with long, dark hair. She is very bubbly, charming, and outgoing, and she laughs a lot. Also a teaser. Loves to have fun. Everyone wants to be around her.
Person 1: "Who's that girl over there. The short one with the cute laugh".

Person 2: "Oh thats Ayda. She's adorable isn't she?"
by Catlover2312 June 21, 2015
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Someone who is seriously DEMENTED, but is still the best person ever.

Very GAY and loves Rainbows

Fucks her cat daily.
Girl1: Hey are you an Ayda?
Girl2: wkadughklsdjhgkshjbdkjsbdkbskdvs?
Girl1: Yep.
by PeRoler July 16, 2018
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