very ugly person if you see him your eye balls will blow up has blonde hair he is a dickhead he likes to suck penis he lives in a cardbord box so he also is know as a homeless peace of shit
person 1: hey look it that dickhead that raped my gf

person 2: that blonde asshole

person 1: yh axel
by weqfijvdhjfd October 19, 2018
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A very weird and awkward being, also reffered to as Lappen or Dickster Lappen (german: tablecloth, fattest tablecloth).
He has a habit of farting like a cow and always needs to take a shit really badly.
Axel can be easily spotted by looking at the way he walks, some say "He walks like a faggot!".
His food of choice is Kebab.
Ew Axel, did you just fart again?
by DocBroccoli April 02, 2017
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An amazing wonderful guys that has been hurt wat to many times but deserves nothing but happiness. A guy with a great smile. A guy who every girl a crushing on
by Hejsgevejyegebkrjr April 01, 2019
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The Guy that is much Cooler Than Olle and Jonathan.
Axel’s Dick is huge and axel is black.
Omg axel, its hugeee
by Im not named axel March 24, 2020
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Axel is The most perfect human in this world. He's like a Angel from heaven.
If there's a boy you find perfect you can say:
- wow you're such an Axel
by Sötpotatis February 22, 2019
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hello is this the imlisrt insoster: yes this is me inster : me & OKUYASHOE: helo inster how are you : inpost I'm good : ratio
by __can_you_dont_ April 25, 2021
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