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1. In the mean time.

2. In the interim.

Specifically used in the Eastern PA region of Lancaster County.
1. You go get changed and I'll make dinner awhile.

2. We're not ready to sell the house yet, but we figured we'd paint and fix it up awhile.
by Raleigh Theodore Sakers September 08, 2011
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adverb (for) a brief period of time.

correct spelling only when used as an adverb and not in a prepositional phrase. Otherwise, in a prepositional phrase, it is two words. As a noun phrase, it is two words.
Adverb: I will wait awhile for you, but after that I'm out.

Prep Phrase: I will wait for a while, but after that I'm out.

Noun Phrase: A while has gone by since we started this project.
by dictionerd April 09, 2005
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- for a while; notice the "for".
"I couldna slept, and the night wasn't gonna go away awhile"
via giphy
by SpeedoThreeSixty February 18, 2021
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A word meaning "For a while." As a general rule, if you could not replace the word with "for a while," you should be using "a while."
Jimmy: I'm going to stay and talk awhile.
by Limpy Limper April 03, 2010
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A period (heheh period) of time you give somebody to do something. This should be a maximum of one night and possibly half of the next day if it's really important. This is a promise that something will be done soon, but not right away. Violation of the one night max half way through the next day will incur a fee of $2 by the rule breaker.
e.g your girlfriend says that it will take her a while to forget a comment you made (not that you were wrong for making it), she has given you a verbal agreement that by tomorrow night all will be forgotten. If she claims this is not a rule than refer her to this definition... then get her to give you $2
sometime soon asap
by Mr I'm right, your wrong November 29, 2010
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Knowing a person for a long period of time.
I have known Billy Joe Bob for awhiles now.
by ThatGamerLive October 28, 2012
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1. Illiterate spelling of a while.

2. Broken keyboard spelling of a while.
1. gime awhile 2 gt mah krak!11111!1!!111

2. Ineedawhiletogetanewkeyboard.
by Intelligence: The Anti-N00b April 07, 2005
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