It's a variation of the word "Off." It is often used to egg someone on or to tell someone you're about to lose it. It's really caused by an accent, when some people say the word "off", it sounds like "awf" instead.
Go awf sis.
I'm about to go awf.
by B2K Is Alive June 19, 2018
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Another spelling for the word off, commonly used in urban areas.
"Is the party lit?"
"Bruh, shits goin awf!"
by Boiii420911 May 7, 2016
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Awf is a word like aw cute and said like oof
by snoodlewamble December 17, 2012
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Dervived from the word "Awful" awf is used when someone is not up to their normal standards like someone is good at something but are bad that day then they are awf. Not to be confused wih off which is someone who is weird
ONE:Damn I thought you said Ishamel was good at basketball
TWO:He is but hes just awf today
by Charlie July 2, 2004
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There's the awf
by swagballa January 25, 2015
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awww fuck or oh fuck. used on the soccer field
*bad pass* "awf! i suck"
by hayhay33 August 19, 2008
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go awf = go off . pretty much just talk your shit 😂😂.
applesauce123 : im freaking tired of people lying on my name .

johnson6282629 : GO AWF SISSSSS !
by yurrrrrrr August 8, 2018
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