You can only "ironically" joke about something so many times before it stops being funny or ironic.
Person A: lol, women should go back to the kitchen lmao jk XD

Person B: You keep making that joke, so you must really believe and mean it...

Person A: What? No. How do you figure?

Person B: AWF's Law
by sdjkfhasue October 19, 2021
Pretty Much Means

Go Awf : go off . Pretty much talk your shit 😂🤣🤣🤣
Fuckboi ; I’m tired of people lyin of my name

by Tuidlfsalv July 28, 2019
A satirical internet rule that mirrors the autistic thought process of "joking about something can only mean that you actually like the thing you are making fun of."

Parody content is actually all unironic and the authors really want to do the very things they are spoofing.

Jokes don't exist. Everything is serious. Everything is literal.
I know thanks to Awf's Law that everyone mocking supporters of Donald Trump are actually supporters themselves!

Thanks to Awf's Law, I know that only someone that would actually fuck dogs would make fun of a someone for fucking dogs.
by Mommy Dimitrescu November 5, 2021
It means to go fuck yourself, but in a more nicer way.
Person 1: Hey bud, can you do me a favor?

Person 2: What's that?

Person 1: Go awf yourself. Thanks! ^-^
by UwUltimateDoge February 22, 2020
there are no such things as jokes. if you tell a joke about something you actually do or want to do it
telling a rape joke can only mean you want to actually commit rape yourself. AWF's Law.
by sexwithdolphins November 5, 2021
AWF's Law is an Internet law that states irony or parody means you actually (secretly) enjoy or endorse it unironically. It comes from the autistic inability to detect sarcasm or humor. AWF is an autistic fanfiction writer.
Dave Chappelle only jokes about white people because he actually and seriously hates all white people, literally. AWF's Law.
by Master Sword Dialdoh November 5, 2021
AWF's (p. "off's") Law - Joking about something too much implies that you actually endorse and support the things you are mocking. You only ironically joke about something a lot because you are actually unironically in favor of and approve of the things you are ridiculing.
AWF's Law dictates that because you guys are constantly mocking bestiality, you are actually zoophiles yourselves
by mrfkingfgotngr November 5, 2021