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proper n. An excellent television series adapted from the works of canadian novelist Lucy Maud Montgomery (of Anne of Green Gables fame). Expertly produced by Kevin Sullivan, Avonlea follows the lives of turn-of-the-century famillies living on beautiful Prince Edward Island, or PEI.

The series stands out for its beautiful scenery and sets, authentic costumes, well-devised plotlines, excellent acting and evocative themes. The overall quality of the production brings to mind Merchant/Ivory costume dramas.

Most Americans familliar with the series watched it on The Disney Channel, which used to carry it weekly. It should also be noted that this is the show on which actress Sarah Polley (Dawn of the Dead remake, Go!) played her first important role, as the impetuous Sarah Stanley.

Unfortunately, this beautiful drama has faded into obsqureity, now remembered only by die-hard Green Gables fans.
Avonlea was probably the best period drama ever produced, rivaling even Little House on The Prarie, and I hereby record its greatness for posterity's sake.
by Dovetchka December 24, 2005
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