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(An old term spawned in midevil times used when shop keepers had nothing violent or gramaticly full of nonsense that they threw a pickles at theives or pickpockets.)
now modernly used as a
violent term used when extremely mad, usually shouted with extreme prejudice at someone for a minor Inconvienance.

(you arrive at the theater and are dumbfounded and furious to see that the movie you wanted to enjoy is sold out)

customer-What the hell! i drove five miles to see this movie and its sold out
just Great!

employee-sorry sir better luck next time

customer-you know what Go Suck a Pickle!
by Alejandro Cruz July 10, 2008

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-Awkward Stacking- occurs when an awkward moment happens in a chat room , and the person on the other end of the conversation stops replying, and you keep adding more messages hoping to break the ice not knowing that your only making the moment more uncomfortable. This usually amounts up in the other person getting annoyed or freaked out and logging off.
(An analogy for this is like being a cardboard box manufacturer. Someone who keeps stacking boxes over an awkward moment hoping to fix it. But dosent realize that the more Boxes he stacks on top of it equals it being even harder to clear up the moment.)
~below is an example of Awkward Stacking~
(chat room)
Awesomeness151- Hi whats up?
Katie575- oh hey =)
Awesomeness151- you looked cute in that skirt today
Awesomeness151-totally lol
(6 minutes go by without a reply.)
Awesomeness151- lmao im awesome
Awesomeness151-umm how was your day?
Awesomeness151-Mine was aight =D
Awesomeness151- Just feeding my dog =]
Awesomeness151-so what you wanna talk about? lol XD
(Katie575 is now offline.)
Awesomeness151- alright koolz talk to you tomorrow then.
by Alejandro Cruz December 21, 2008

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its what you call a kid who has been bailed out of jail rather than taking it like a man
or taking it in the ass
inmate kid-(crying)

cop-alright stop crying wuss your a lucky creature your parents are bailing you out
by Alejandro Cruz July 10, 2008

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when a vegetarian gives up on plants and goes back to eating meat
or when someone tries to lay off of healthy food

(its like going commando with vegetables
instead of underwear.)
Jose-hey bob you hear what happened to john?
bob-yeah i hear hes going avocado
by Alejandro Cruz July 10, 2008

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