Generally a girl, name meaning a 'LOVER' loves one with all her heart, coming from a heritage of eastern background. Features are Big brown eyes, sweet smile, beautiful hair, very petite, not too petite. She is normally very kind, funny and soft hearted. She likes sultanas, mangoes and chocolates so be very generous with your sweets. She is very successful and smart and will achieve her goals. Can be known to be very stubborn however a girl like Avin has a big personality, she would stand out in a crowd and turns heads everywhere she goes.
Avin's worlds beauty is nothing compared to you.
by BOY FRIEND May 12, 2013
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The prettiest girl ever. She falls in love with her crush instantly. Gorgeous, adorable brown eyes with long lashes. She can make any guy fall her and will make her crush die for her. She is very nice and caring. She has a bit of a sweet tooth, and an eye for candy. She makes anyone smile and gives the BEST hugs and advice. She may be a bit clingy but she will be here for you in the long run. She also makes an amazing girlfriend.
"Omg, I think I like Avin, she's so sweet"
by bestadvicegiver November 14, 2019
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Hot handsome Dude. Extremely dirty and intense in bed
Avin is so sexy.
by Nrgtk air j shut i1 December 11, 2019
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The sweetest girl ever. Big brown eyes, with an amazing sense of humour. She has a taste for e-boys. She loves being with her friends but loves to be with her boyfriend. She usually feels lonely when her friends have boyfriends but she will definitely be there for her friends. She is a bit clingy but she is also very supportive.
"I love Avin"
by bestadvicegiver November 14, 2019
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usually name meaning LOVER. usually has big blue eyes and blonde hair. a girl who gets the guys but isn’t desperate for a guy. she loves life and is kind to everyone. most girls named avin are athletes and are small but not too petite. most avin’s are very strong mentally and don’t express emotion. overall avin’s are always very beautiful and strikingly hot.
hey man ya see avin? look at her!! she has amazing eyes

that girl avin bro has an amazing body
by alison anton May 30, 2019
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Imagine the gayest, most homosexual man child in existence, but times the gay by 2^2. That's how gay gay avin is
Person 1: Your mom gay
Person 2: Your mom gay avin
Person 1: *dies
by hickeygiver1 April 14, 2020
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1. n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a North Vietnamese soldier or guerrilla in the Vietnam War
2. A two-career couple with no children
Dude, quit being an Avin Gupta and give birth already!
by Oxford English Dictionary February 25, 2004
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