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she is the coolest gal you will ever meet. avianna is a true party animal. she is the definition of savage. everyone wishes she was as cool as avianna.
Kaitlyn: Did you see Avianna last night?
Averie: Yeah she is so lit. She is the GOAT.
by captinjoe January 26, 2017
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1) she can be pretty and nice in the inside but rude and savage on the outside
2) She is a good friend but teach you bad
3) Good at mostly anything
4) Good fashion sense too :)
Best friend of Avianna: Hey Avianna is so pretty but she rolled her eyes at me yesterday.

Other best friend of Avianna: I know she climbed over a wall yesterday too...

Best friend of Avianna: I'm done with her, she stole my crush.

Other best friend of Avianna: At least she is pretty and beautiful, shes wrokkin that fashion too..

Best friend of avianna: Ehh.. shes pretty good at this...
by UsernameTakenBlitch January 19, 2018
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1.)The most beautiful baby girl you will ever see.
3.)Daddy's Angel
"Daddy loves Avianna."
by Deaf_Guy October 11, 2008
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Avianna is pretty, fun, Loyal and funny she will make you laugh when your sad or even mad . Avianna is very loyal if your her friend and you have a problem with someone she will have a problem with them just because of the fact your her friend . Avianna is not afraid of any girl , she will say what on her mind ,if she have a problem with you she will tell you . she's the realest girl you will even meet she haves a big heart but don't take that for granted .when it comes to a relationship she is Loyal if she See's you Hugging or flirting with a gilr best believe she will cheat on you . If you know a Avianna keep her around she will be the best friend you never had
Amber: You saw Avianna today she looked so pretty I wanna be her
Jazz: Me too I wanna as loyal as she is

Amber:Me two , I don't know why people don't like her that much

Jazz: May be it's because she will tell them how it is and there mad because she's prettier them them.
by Unknown 💖 December 12, 2018
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avianna is a hoe. shes an irrelevant person who has no friends. no matter what she does she cant get a boyfriend. cardi b is her idol. u should subscribe to her youtube channel at “imma sick duck.” oh, and shes a pigeon
did u see avianna? shes thirsty for a man.
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by sicker duck March 03, 2019
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