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Exceptionally great representation of a boyfriend; funny; sarcastic; lovable; interesting; football player; rude; handsome; intense
There Adriana was, sitting with Avante, and she couldn't keep herself from smiling.
by Brooksland0910 February 03, 2010
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Avante is a name often used for a jerky uncanny type of guy. Avante will not have many friends for his attractiveness, descriptiveness, and even annoying eye rolling behavior. If you have this name i suggest you change it in your local court NOW
Ugh, Avante is so annoying.
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by Tsunayoshi Sawada September 11, 2016
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The biggest fuck boy in the the world. Never trust an Avante they will fuck you over .
his ex : you're dating Avante ?

his girl : yea why ?

his ex : watch out he is going to fuck you over .
by hahahaaa lmao October 20, 2018
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Female. Born Leader. Loving, kind and intelligent. Soulful Goddess. A Queen. Healer. Often shows emotion through words, music and or gifts. Communication is important to a female gifted this name. Strength and courage. This female tends to hold the key to many hearts but only wants one. Faithful and true. She holds the essence of God's love. Her eyes tells stories from her soul. Respect. Loyalty. Royalty. Lightness. Love.
The moment his eyes connected with Avante, he knew.
by HippieGoddess December 19, 2016
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a terrible cheating liar who has thousands of side hoes and tries to flatter a girl so he can get in her panties
"Baby, you're the only one." said Avante.
"Okay, I used to be into her." said Avante.
"Everyone else is lying, I dont like her, I like you.
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by lexie.girelli May 08, 2018
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