The act of moving ones eyes in a fashion meant to be offensive.
i was eye rolling when told to get a room
by Shay132 December 14, 2013
Fainting and experiencing extreme pleasure activates similar pathways, as the body starts to ignore or shut down certain parts of the body to focus on pleasurable sensation. Your eye muscles lose tension (since you don't need your eyes to orgasm), so your eye naturally rolls back.
I wasn't asleep it was eye roll.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd November 20, 2019
Can be used to express annoyance or irritability. Also happens when a person faints.
They gave me strange looks so I eye roll them with an angry expression.
by <3 Zee <3 June 2, 2020
An expression for disappointment meant to be used as a facial expression, not an actual saying. But low speed people still say "Eye roll" even if it is perfectly in their capacity to just roll their eyes. Also, the term has a hidden sexual connotation, and therefore, should not be used as a part of speech.
Luis: I forgot my math homework!


Luis: I do not want to have sexual relationships with you behind your boyfriends back, don't be gross....
by The Guardian of Momma Smurf September 29, 2010
When she shakes her butt while spreading, thus her anus is the eye, which is "rolling"
Lil Uzi Vert: She shake her ass do the Eye Roll
by BigSexyMex May 7, 2019
When a person is having and orgasm and they roll their eyes to the back of their head.
Sly fucked me so hard and good,I had an eye rolling orgasm for they first time in my life!
by BigDickBandit77 March 31, 2020
An Eye Roll Orgasm is a powerful mega super sayan orgasm that (mostly) females get when they are in a moment of pleasure. It is an orgasm that is so strong your eyes roll back and you become dumb. Eye rolling orgasm, eye roll orgasm and ahegao are mostly used to exaplin the situation. If you are dumb enough to still not understand then check out
Guy: Hey buddy!

Guy 2: hey dude, how the sex went with bec?
Guy: SHIT WAS CRAZY! She had an eye roll orgasm and started rolling around the place, I gave her the biggest orgasm of her life.
Guy 2: Damn nice bro!
by Eye Roll Orgasm December 17, 2018