Speeding ground for porsche/bmw/mercedes test drivers and angry british motorists.
Yo geit offen mein rod ya?
by Gumba Gumba June 02, 2004
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1.german highway

2.wheel Company for skateboards
1:get on the autobahn and go at frickin' 90mph! its legal!

2:dude,where did you get those autobahns? they're sick!
by R3a5onableD0ubt July 22, 2008
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1. The German word for motorway, useually their is no speed limit.

2. A game played by stoners, simelar to killer where there are many joints going round many people at a speedy 2 draw pass rate, if you cannot keep up with the autobahn, you are over taken and the joint by passes you. It is named after the German motorway due to its fast pace.
1. Shpriedenfiner manbourachein fachkshreikenmiender, autobahn.

2. There's rakes eh folk, rakes eh doobies, lets get the autobahn on the go!
by McKean January 27, 2007
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A large German sedan or coupe with a large engine and a high top speed.
The 1989 Mercedes 560SEL is a classic Autobahn Stormer. With a 5.6 liter V8 and 285HP, it reaches a top speed of 152MPH, but the large chassis makes it feel like it's barely doing 70.
by Hey_look_a_shiny_thing November 18, 2010
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1. A noun that refers to the anus and rectal cavity as a means of travel. This can be used to describe a person of German origin's anus. this can also be used to describe a path that a german man may wish to take. Origins can be traced to a german beer festival in Wisconsin.
Bob wanted to travel on the chocolate autobahn but his girlfriend was not so much into anal sex.

After a great many liters of beer, hans took a ride on the Chocolate Autobahn. This worked out well for frank, as he is into gay sex.
by Chris S. Andy D. September 18, 2006
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When two people race to lick a man from the bottom of his ballsack to the top of his ass crack.
Katie and Hector were neck and neck for most of that Autobahn Drag Race.
by TheHoagie July 02, 2016
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