If You Were Born in August Your Parents Fail No Nut November
P1:I was Born on August

P2: Your Mom and dad Failed You lmao
P1 What do you mean
P2 It Takes 9 Months For a Baby to Be born and 9 Months from November is August Which mean you mom and Dad Failed No Nut November
by KingPlays November 06, 2019
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August is a sweet and caring person. She is funny too. She has a lot of friends. If you’re friends with an August then you’re very lucky. August is a very loyal friend. And she has a lot of talents too. She can draw, make cute animations and so much more. She’s pretty too. But there are times where she can be insecure.
Lisa: Wait is that August?
Beth: Yep!
Lisa: Cool! I wanna be her someday.
by Rain Tsukiro July 20, 2020
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