The absolute prettiest girl you have ever seen, she is extremely gorgeous even when she doesn't try to be. Her eyes put the stars to shame, her smile legitimately brightens up the room, she laughs all the time and when she does, she makes the cutest face. I would love to date an Audrey one day. And if you are or ever dating an Audrey, hold on to her for as long as possible, tell her shes beautiful everyday, compliment her but not to a annoying extent, treat her like a princess cause she sure as hell deserves to be treated like one, give her flowers and chocolate on valentines day, let her wear your hoodie, and most importantly, give her your heart and treat with respect, try to marry her one day because you wont meet another girl like her. that's what I (Nick) would do.
Zach: Damn Nick, your blessed to have Audrey as your girlfriend, lucky SOB.

Nick: Damn Right
by Nicolas.W May 23, 2019
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A, probably short, nerdy girl who will seem quiet at first, but will not disappoint when you take the time to get to know her. She loves video games and is incredibly smart, more than she gives herself credit for. She always takes the time to listen to your problems, even if she may not understand them, because she cares about her friends and wants to help them.
"Hey did you see Audrey today?"
"Yeah, I wish I was as smart and cool like her!"
by thefuturetenseofyeet September 20, 2018
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An adventurous brunette who loves to read. Audrey is fun, beautiful, funny and a little crazy. She has her quirks like any other human being, and that just makes her more amazing. She is quiet around people she doesn't know, and herself around people she does. Audrey is the kind of person who balances people who have their panties in a bunch out.
Percy: I'm so glad I have my Audrey. She balances me out completely.
by IAmTheAlphabet June 18, 2014
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A disease in which you hiccup ever time you talk to someone and over time will turn in to a rabbit
OMG did you hear that Alex had Audrey's they said he had three months to live before turning into a rabbit
by 16384282 November 05, 2013
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a female who says that she will come out to bible talk, but does not show up
She didn't show up either? Man, that's the third Audrey this week.
by Disciple of Christ June 27, 2013
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audrey is one of the most amazing, most genuine people you will ever meet. even though audrey’s and abby’s get in fights sometimes abby’s still love them!! i love you ms pee pee pants ♥️ -abby
girl 1: she is so awesome!!
girl 2: she must be an audrey
by abbytherat December 04, 2019
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Audrey is wonderful girl who is open-minded and imaginative. Make sure to get on her good side!
If you meet an Audrey, don't let her get away!!!

Dont make the same mistake I did D:
by Seescary January 11, 2014
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