1) A color somewhere between red and brown

2) A second rate University located roughly near Montgomery, Alabama. The University prides itself on attempting to look better than the University of Alabama, with no other goal anywhere in sight, including holding onto a all-time football record of NO National Championship wins, but by God, they've beaten Alabama 6 years in a row, even though Alabama still holds the record for 9 in a row.

The school itself is not a bad school, if you're interested in majoring in Tractor Production, Farming, or just want to have a good 'ol Hoe Down (Redneck for Party)
AuburnFan: That's six years in a row!
BamaFan: We still hold the series...
AuburnFan: Quit living in the past
UnbiasedParty: The past six years is part of the past.
by Ethanaro April 15, 2008
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Auburn University is located on the plains in Alabama and is surrounded by cotton fields more cotton fields and oh yea cows. Instead of dorms, AU students live in trailers and brag about having running water and their riding lawnmowers. AU students commute to school in their big green tractors while having a bottle of whiskey in one hand and their cousins in the other. AU prides its self on supposedly two football National Championships, although in 2004 a twelve year old kid made his own poll at the end of the season and put Auburn number 1. Being the geniouses they are Tommy Tubberville and Pat Dye felt the poll was legite and declared Auburn national champs. Auburn is always living in the shadow of its neighbor the University of Alabama who has 12 national champions to their 1. Most AU grads go onto to become farmers and many succesful graduates of the business school have been linked to prestigous companies like Enron and GM.
Tommy Tubberville holds up seven fingers before even winning his 7th straight game.

Gene Chizik is an extraordinary coach and he has the track record to prove it

Let's go to Auburn and party with my cousin. She lives in a nice trailer park next to a cattle ranch.
by Tommy Tubberville October 19, 2009
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A place in new york, with a lot of history. This town also includes a lot of dirtbags. Like most other towns though, it has all of the other social groups as well. It is generally a depressing place to be. Although, some of the people there are mad cool.
Auburn is so auburn.
by Ijustwannagiveauburnaname. August 24, 2010
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When people do not want to be known as Ginger, due to some common remarks made about ginger people.
therefore, gingers in denail
Glyn: josh your such a ginge
Josh: No, im AUBURN!!!
by Rosie_lovin_DT October 12, 2007
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Auburn a place in Washington. Mostly populated with single mothers on welfare. If you live in Auburn Chances are you have either spent food stamps or are spending food stamps.
Auburn has tons of bars, schools, apartments with lots of single moms.
by Food Stamp Guy October 14, 2008
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A place where twitter has become popular among "10" "kidshelpingkids" "dirtbags" "beached whales" and other "teenagers" and in which these groups find the need to fight on it which i (@thewoodeshow) find very entertaining.
ohhhhay: *urban dictionary definition of auburn*
annaxbianco: ohhhshooot
ohhhhay: bring it bitch
annaxbianco: two can play at that game *uurban dictionary definition of auburn*
by thewoodeshow August 24, 2010
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