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A Josephine that is temporarily in the bro-zone, or has undergone a state of brosification.

This generally happens when a Josephine is working with bros in a ratio of at least 1.5:1 bros to Josephine.

A Brosephine is characterized by all the awesome traits of a Josephine, with the added ability to make funny poop jokes and bro down.
whoa! who laid out all these chiggen wings and jaeger bombs for everyone?

oh dude, that was Brosephine
by schwangalang October 04, 2016
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A woman treated like one of the guys. As opposed to broseph.
Man, you can say crude jokes around her. She's a brosephine.

She's my brosephine, we always watch football together.
by Rob the Spectacular December 21, 2008
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