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"The Compassionate One"

Someone who has a deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it!!

Someone who will go the extra mile to help his fellow brother but even further to help a complete stranger!!
That guy is proper Atif man.

Thats so Atif of you, Thanks.

Lets be a bit more Atif to the situation.
by The Taf February 04, 2010
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He’s a very picky person. He may only like 1 out of ten people and he will let you know if he doesn’t like you. They have high standards and don’t bullshit so don’t mess around with them
by Sarah1298 January 14, 2019
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Atif is a handsome boy with curly hair and brown eyes. He has the purest heart and he is always there for his friends and family. He doesn’t like talking too much or arguing and he is always right, he is also funny sometimes and can make you laugh. His voice can make you get lost 😍. He might not show that he cares about you but deep inside he does . He loves food and he makes the tastiest food.
by Naal March 18, 2020
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He is an amazing person who is the kindest Masha Allah. His eyes are so beautiful that even girls are at no par with his eyes😍. His smile can melt your heart regardless of how angry you are. His personality is so charming. Everyone is scared of him. He may be harsh on the outside but has a heart of gold on the inside. He's just perfect Masha Allah ❤. He gets angey really easily but his anger cools down at the same speed. He has many mood swings . His best friend's name starts with A and ends with A. He is such an amazing person stay away from him or else you will fall in love with him😍❤
Atif is the best.
Atif is perfect.
No one can be like Atif.
by Unknown222²22 May 29, 2019
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1. means 'yeah right' in short saying
2. when u dont agree with somone or something
1.p1=yo i just banged that girl.
p2=a tif u dont even know her name.

2.p3=burger king is better
p4.=a tif mcdonalds own all
by the wicked naius August 11, 2007
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