Athy is a genuin woman. Her heart is bright and pure. She is very kind and will show you so much love. But don’t take her for granted because she has a kind side and an evil side. She will break your heart in any way if you hurt hers. Get you an Athy.
Tim:”man my girl acting crazy ever since I hurt her”
Joe:”Her name is Athy , of course she’ll be crazy”
by Meeka October 23, 2017
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1) a young man who is obssessed with eating muffins

2) worships the number 27 as if his life revolves around it

1) Have you seen athy No, hes probably eating the muffin.
by 1234567899 August 27, 2008
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Athi define, Elegant,Pretty,Royalty girl with delicate etiquette , Athi is a girl with the sweetest attitude.
You cant get over her pretty eyes, and you will fall in love how nice and sweet she is.
"Athi? She's the sweetest girl i ever met, she's the lady of my dream"
by Artemystic May 24, 2021
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Means someone with a big dick, handsome, brown and gets all the girls. A guy who likes alot of ass
Omg your such an athi
by Balooooo October 9, 2018
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adjective -- prone to examining beliefs critically and skeptically (neologism based on the common misspelling of 'atheist' as 'athiest')
If you accept most beliefs unquestioningly, you're not very athy. If you do so with most beliefs, yet have a certain set of beliefs you refuse to examine critically, you're athier. If you apply critical examination to ALL beliefs, then you are athiest.

(Not to be confused with the noun 'atheist', which means 'somebody who does not believe in god(s)'.)
by sdweitzen March 23, 2013
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athie comes from the word Mathiew. It’s a a trend to take the first and last name out. Athie are one of the hottest bits in the world. They have big cocks and crazy hot. They make everyone feel like their the bottom because they really are
Woah is that athie!!!ive dated this guy and he’s massive
by Mattttttthhhhhh April 24, 2020
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Athi is a very cool awesome human and deserves much love and appreciation. He has awesome hair and loves watching physics videos. (He's the one to go to if you're stuck on your science homework). He also loves Sam (samsungs virtual assistant) .
Athi loves kidnapping kids (jk).
by Yłłi June 5, 2021
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