a person who loves life not because a book told them too but because it is all that we have.someone who is in awe of the majesty of the universe but will not use an easy crutch like religion to explain the inexplicable.
a moral person who holds logic and truth as their guides.
love, respect and peace are not the preserve of the religous.
by be excellent to each other August 29, 2003
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A person who lacks or has an absence of belief in God or gods.
The phrase "There are no atheists in foxholes" isnt an argument against atheists, its an argument against foxholes!
by Icehawk April 13, 2004
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One who does not personally believe in a deity or God. Though some do fully deny the possibility of a God, many simply do not believe in one personally, and accept that others do. A group that faces a lot of discrimination, perhaps the most after Jews.
Atheist: Hello, I am an Atheist.

Tolerant Christian: Sup dude.

Intolerant Christian: Demon! Filth! Urchin! You're in denial of the omnipresent, wonderful God!

Tolerant Christian: Dude, please shut up, you're giving us a bad na-


Atheist: Actually, I do have morals, I believe killing is wrong, and-


Atheist: I don't follow the Bible though, because I actually
believe killing is wrong myself, I don't need to be ordered to by a "deity".


Tolerant Christian: ...I hate myself.
by MrCuddles November 26, 2006
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Someone that thinks of a god or gods as impossible, or just doesn't really care. Atheism is a lack of belief, not a belief so atheism is not a religion. Atheists may or may not have a love of science. Some atheists have plausible reasons for being an atheist, while others don't. You can be one of the following kinds of atheists:

1) Someone that has had something personal happen with their religion and doesn't believe in god because of that personal problem

2) Angry atheist: Someone intolerant to religion.

3) retaliating atheist: Someone that fights back when theists (mostly Christians) pick a fight. NOTE: Some theists confuse this one with #2 because atheists don't want Christianity to be in the government or anything symbolizing the government. These include flags, post offices, schools, town/village/city halls, etc.

4) Someone that really doesn't care and so by their lack of belief, are classified as an atheist.

5) Agnostic atheist. This one is commonly confused as agnostics. There are no such things as agnostics in the belief system. You can be an agnostic atheist or an agnostic theist, but you can't be just an agnostic.

"I'm an atheist"
"I have had personal troubles with religion"

"I am intolerant to religion"
"Because it is the root of all evil"

"I'm an atheist and I don't think religion should be in the government"
"You are an angry atheist"
"No, I just don't want the government forcing religion on me."


"Are you a christian?"
"I don't really care"
"Are you an atheist?"
"Again, I don't care"

"I'm an agnostic atheist. I don't believe there is enough evidence to prove the existence of a god."
by thegreatatheistdefiner June 01, 2009
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There are several definitions for this:

1. A person who likes to argue about everything, and will try to make up "facts" to try and disprove any divine creation.

2. A person who thinks it is cool to not belive in any gods. Sometime they think it is cool because thier parents are very religious. Most often young in age, often in highschool or colledge.

3. A scholar, or scientist who thinks that there can be no gods becasue they see lifeforms thru a microscope. They disbelive that such intricacy can be created by anyone, even the divine.

4. A person who honestly belives in no divine powers often because they have gone thru a hard time in thier lives, and dont see how there could be a God who allows such bad things to happen.

5. A person who is angry at orginized religions, and holds a grudge against the people they claim to be "brainwashed". They are often not creative enough to make up thier own gods.

Take it, or leave it.
1. "Ha, you belive in God? how could there be a God when there are aliens?"
2. "Ya, im an atheist. I use to be a Catholic, but then I became a Trendy."
3. "I simply dont see how any sort of being could have created nature."
4. "My mother was killed by some carjacker. Where was God then?"
5. "Ha, you belive in God? Ya, I use to belive in all thoes fairy tales, then I realized they were lies."
by Skoll May 10, 2005
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A very broad catagory of people that others may consider anything from unethical to logical. In truth atheism (a-lacking; theism-beleif in a higher power) makes up a large number of people with different beleifs. Not all atheists are such because they don't have proof that God exists.

I, for one, am atheist because I know that if I were Christian, and I ended up in heven, I would feel guilty that a good many people in hell were there for eternity because they grew up with one set of "heretical" beleifs and "were never taught better".

I beleive that hell is a punishment that people are told they will face if they are not good to their fellow man. This would be a good thing, however, if, say, a Native American, who did not beleive Christ was the son of God and did only good during his life, goes to hell, that defeats the concept.

Nobody has the right to say one child is born with "original sin" and the way to cleanse him is to pay the church.

I have many reasons to be atheist (and science is one of them). It is always better to judge the individual than to put everybody into about 25 groups and dictate their right to live on this planet based on that.
by Anonymous May 25, 2003
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Believes that gods, like fairies, don't exist.
Atheist: "All religions try to steal market-share from each other. Christianity stole pagan believers by celebrating Christmas on the same day as the festival for Mithras the sun god. So a bunch of simple-minded, self-righteous pillocks isn't going to stop me having fun at Christmas."
by English Boy December 13, 2004
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