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Punk Rock is undefineable. If you have to define punk music, then the music dies, and it has.
Rob: "Punks not dead, it lives on in bands like GC, and Greenday!"

Thor: "the day the words "punk" and "rock" were put together, the music died. Thoes bands are just caught up in the nastalgia of a dead scene."
by Skoll August 11, 2005
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A person who goes along with the newest mainstream "look".

Closely related to poser
(Simplified Examples):

1. Trendys in the 70's were free-love fools, who listend to disco.

2. Trendys in the 80's thought they were "punk" and dressed like clowns.

3. Trendys in the 90's dressed "alternitive". They loved to act angry.

4. Trendys in the modern decade think they are "pimps", and talk with a southern accent on certain words.
by Skoll May 10, 2005
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Straight Edge. A basic term for youth crew, and some modern "emo" kids who think they are better than the rest of the world because they dont drink, use drugs, or casualy sleep around. Often times modern sxe kids dont eat meat becuase its "impure" or some shit. It all started with a missenterpritation of a Minor Threat song, in which the lyrics go: "I've got the Straight edge". The song was a vent on the frustration with piers of the band who did these things in excess. It was never meant to start a movement, and wasnt a cry for more people to do the same. But since so many of Minor Threats songs were vents on this situation, people started to worship the term straight edge. Bands like Youth Crew and Gorilla Biscuts furtherd the sxe ideas, and thus the Youth Crew was born.
Phil: "man, im so Sxe I dont drink or nothing! Im so cool with my white sweatshirt and my white sneakers!"

Rich: "you retard, you saying your straight edge is like me saying im an anarchist, all because of some trendy ass song..."
by Skoll August 12, 2005
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There are several definitions for this:

1. A person who likes to argue about everything, and will try to make up "facts" to try and disprove any divine creation.

2. A person who thinks it is cool to not belive in any gods. Sometime they think it is cool because thier parents are very religious. Most often young in age, often in highschool or colledge.

3. A scholar, or scientist who thinks that there can be no gods becasue they see lifeforms thru a microscope. They disbelive that such intricacy can be created by anyone, even the divine.

4. A person who honestly belives in no divine powers often because they have gone thru a hard time in thier lives, and dont see how there could be a God who allows such bad things to happen.

5. A person who is angry at orginized religions, and holds a grudge against the people they claim to be "brainwashed". They are often not creative enough to make up thier own gods.

Take it, or leave it.
1. "Ha, you belive in God? how could there be a God when there are aliens?"
2. "Ya, im an atheist. I use to be a Catholic, but then I became a Trendy."
3. "I simply dont see how any sort of being could have created nature."
4. "My mother was killed by some carjacker. Where was God then?"
5. "Ha, you belive in God? Ya, I use to belive in all thoes fairy tales, then I realized they were lies."
by Skoll May 10, 2005
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