A word to use when you are in agreement with someone or something.
Man 1: Hey man how about $50
Man 2: Athe that sounds good
by Hancrotha April 9, 2021
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The great god of nonexistence. As she is quite cranky and irrational, athiests pray to her, asking her not to exist. Non-athiests commonly point out that Athe cannot be prayed to, as she is nonexistent. The answer to this is, of course, is that Athe has a reason for everything and you should not question it.
"Athe gives her thanks, child...or she would, if she existed..."
by YumClock December 23, 2008
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noun. Acronym for All Time High. References one's account, usually a brokerage account, in which one's equity has reached its highest level.
Phil: "Mo, I think my account reached an ATH today."
Mo: "What'd you expect, brozay? Stick me me and you'll be trading on the beaches of the Carribean, being fed grapes by the most voluptuous women around."
by stockman09 March 1, 2010
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Basically the word “ass” but is said with a lisp
Person 1 with a lisp: “my ath ith tho itchy”
Person 2: scratch it then
by my nans sharp toenail July 7, 2019
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The abyss of Addison, Illinois. Addison Trail high school.
I'm a junior. I'm almost out of hell II.
Where women think (oh sorry, KNOW) they are too good for you, unless you are a stupid prep or stupid souchebag. Then again that's every high school.
by Adrian Herrera January 1, 2005
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on msn
Sally547 - ath, msg (away)
by roberino September 4, 2009
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