1.Beign able to make large conclusions with only minisclue observations.

2. Clever, quick, cunning or ingenious.
1. Whilst watching paint dry, he said "have you noticed how there are exactally 322 bricks in this wall?"

2. He was so astute, that his resposes were 98% right everytime, which based on his school's standards was extreamly high, because they are all idiots.
by Mtbeaver November 28, 2006
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Next week, we're all going Caroling; I plan to accompany with my astute.
by The Gay AgenDUH December 16, 2017
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Architecture for the astute.
by LarstaiT November 8, 2003
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when someone is all high and lofty;
stuck up so far that their ass can't toot
that prof is sooo astute
by vincent March 18, 2004
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a gal/girl who is very much observant and has a crush on you.Crush being either of male/female.
she has hazel eyes and sexy shape.Also,applied on prostitutes.
Lav is an astute prostitute by the way she examine me.
by rocvi December 8, 2020
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A chin that is astute, profound, otherworldly, and depicts the depth and breadth of a true person of extraordinary esque traits and wondrous insight, creativity, kindness, selflessness, and most of all, moral. Highly rare and legendary trait that is only found in purely golden elemental Muffins Muggins
Oh dear, look hereth at that muffin’s astute chin
by LeptonicToodleLoo October 25, 2018
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